Future Worlds of Entanglement: Eternity Be Kind + AIDOL 爱道

Future Worlds of Entanglement: Eternity Be Kind + AIDOL 爱道

Sat, 01.02.2020 20:00 to 22:00
Volksbühne - Großes Haus
Passes and Single Tickets

LaTurbo Avedon and Myriam Bleau – Eternity Be Kind
Lawrence Lek – AIDOL 爱道

The double bill is included in E2E and Connect Passes. Other pass holders and visitors have the possibility to purchase a ticket; for pass holders of the Symposium Pass the ticket price is reduced. 

Who will be the stars of tomorrow’s AI-driven, algorithmic entertainment worlds? The two virtual protagonists of this double bill performance and screening night invite speculations on the future of artistic creation, networked fandom, and the entanglement of multiple realities in a world where computational technology is not only all-pervasive, but has also become second-nature. Join the final event of transmediale 2020 End to End for a participatory and cinematic highlight that will take the audience on a journey to otherworldly yet strangely familiar times and places. In Eternity be Kind, the internet avatar artist La Turbo Avedon collaborates with musician Myriam Bleau to create a unique live experience using a virtual stage partly unfolding through audience interaction over Wi-Fi networks. In the German premiere of his first feature-film, AIDOL 爱道, Lawrence Lek tells the story of DIVA, a fading pop superstar in a spectacularly 3D-rendered post-AI future, where originality is sometimes no more than an algorithmic trick and machines have the capacity to love and suffer.

Presented with SHAPE. The SHAPE platform is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


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