The symposium of transmediale features two intensive days of in-depth exchange, screenings, performances, and artistic interventions. More than 50 artists and thinkers will examine networks as social, technological, and artistic infrastructures. Looking back at an era of network idealism, they will ask if the network is still a viable model to react to urgent challenges such as climate change and the consequences of artificial intelligence—and what a future after the network society might look like.

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First Symposium Program Announcements 

Friday, 31 January 2020
Exchange Session #1:
The Wheres and Whens of Networks 
Among others with Clemens Apprich, Diana McCarty, Michelle M. Wright

Performance Lecture
end-to-end, p2p, my to me
by Olia Lialina

Exchange Session #2:
Empires and Ecologies of the Cloud
Among others with Daphne Dragona, Mél Hogan, Ulises Ali Mejias

Performance Lecture
Double Counting: The Odum Oration
by Cycles of Circulation (Jamie Allen & Karolina Sobecka)

Exchange Session #3:
Next to Devastation
Among others with Ryan Bishop, Matthew Fuller & Olga Goriunova, Bernard Stiegler

Saturday, 01 February 2020
Exchange Session #4:
Deplatformization and the Ethics of Exclusion
With Roel Roscam Abbing & Aymeric Mansoux, Rachel O'Dwyer, Eva Haifa Giraud

Performance Lecture
Sad by Design
by We Are Not Sick (Geert Lovink & John Longwalker)

Exchange Session #5:
Neural Network Cultures
Among others with Stephanie Dick

Closing session

Double Bill: Performance and Screening
Eternity Be Kind
by LaTurbo Avedon & Myriam Bleau

by Lawrence Lek